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Living with a personal injury does not just cause you physical distress—a severe injury can also take a toll on your financial and mental wellbeing. Depending on the nature of your injury or disability, you may be unable to work, partake in the activities you once enjoyed, keep up with your loved ones, or even perform the most basic of tasks. These restrictions, on top of your medical and physical therapy bills, can cause you undue stress and hardship, so when your injuries are the result of another person's or entity's negligence, it is understandable that you want to seek justice in some way. While the law does not criminalize negligence, it does allow victims to pursue compensation from the negligent party.

At BDIW, our Tulsa personal injury attorneys aggressively advocate on behalf of victims of negligence for the compensation they need to recover in comfort. More than that, we offer support, compassion, and guidance for victims and their families at a difficult time in their lives. If you or a loved one has been wronged in any way, whether you have been hit by a car, discriminated against at work, or accused of a crime, contact our firm today. Our skilled Tulsa attorneys can help you with all of your legal concerns.

Aggressive Representation for Tulsa Residents

Our firm is dedicated to helping our local communities. We aggressively advocate on behalf of victims who live in Tulsa and nearby areas. Our goal is not just to help victims directly, but to hold negligent parties accountable in the hopes of setting an example and preventing such acts of negligence from occurring in the future. To achieve our goals, we combine our 65+ years of legal experience with personalized service to help clients obtain full and fair compensation for their damages and losses.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our team is prepared to represent clients in various types of cases throughout Tulsa and the greater state of Oklahoma. We have a long track record of success and countless favorable verdicts achieved for our clients. Some types of cases we take on include:

Personal Injury: We represent clients who have been injured by dangerous products, in premises liability incidents, by nursing home abuse, or in industrial and oil field accidents.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: Our lawyers are prepared to represent injured parties in car, truck, motorcycle, boating, bicycling, and pedestrian accident cases.

Social Security Disability: Get the guidance you need to successfully apply for SSD. If you have already applied and received a denial, our firm can help you file an appeal and obtain a favorable outcome.

Workers' Compensation: Our Tulsa attorneys are prepared to dispute a claims denial and recover the workers' compensation benefits to which you are entitled.

Employment Law: Our firm represents workers in sexual harassment cases, overtime and wage theft cases, discrimination cases, wrongful termination cases, whistleblower cases, retaliation cases, and contract disputes.

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Our Tulsa, OK attorneys put ourselves in clients' shoes so that we can better understand the challenges they must overcome and what is at stake. Whether we are fighting for compensation for a personal injury or workers' compensation, we fight with everything we have so that our clients walk away with the outcome they deserve. If you want to work with an attorney who will commit 100% to every aspect of your case, reach out to BDIW today. Call us today or email us to schedule a consultation.