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Comprehensive Motorcycle Accident Representation

Motorcycle crashes have a tendency to be particularly catastrophic. Road rash, burns, broken bones, and brain and spinal cord injuries can be extremely painful and, depending on their severity, could change your life forever. If you have been in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else's mistakes, make sure you work with an attorney who understands this area of law and has the experience to help you obtain full and fair compensation.

At Fred Boettcher Law Group, our motorcycle accident attorneys have been representing clients in Ponca City, Enid, northern Oklahoma and throughout the state for more than 65 combined years. Our lawyers will work with you personally throughout your motorcycle crash claim and help you through every step of your legal matter.

Handling All Aspects Of Your Claim, Including The Insurance Claim

The accident insurance claim is one of the most complicated and potentially costly aspects of a motorcycle accident claim. After an accident, the insurance company will usually sit back and wait for you to make a mistake. Either you will miss a doctor appointment or casually say the wrong thing to the doctor. The insurance agent will use all of this to beat you in the courtroom.

Do not try to handle your motorcycle accident insurance claim without proper representation. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience negotiating with insurance companies to make sure our clients obtain full compensation.

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