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Oklahoma Whistleblower Protections

Whistleblowers play a critical role in uncovering misconduct, so Oklahoma laws protect them from employer retaliation.

Reporting unlawful conduct by an Oklahoma company is never easy, since you could put your career on the line to draw attention to misdeeds. Coming forward can be a complex, anxiety-inducing process, but many people in your position are inspired to do the right thing and seek justice. Fortunately, there are state and federal laws that protect you when you feel the need to expose misconduct. You may even be entitled to a financial award for taking on considerable risk as a whistleblower.

However, this area of law is extremely complicated, and you could put your rights in jeopardy at many stages in the whistleblower process. Instead of trying to take on the legal burdens yourself, trust our team at Boettcher, Devinney, Ingle & Wicker to assist. Please contact our office today to speak with a Tulsa whistleblower protections attorney, and read on for a summary of the relevant concepts.

Overview of Whistleblower Laws in Oklahoma

The basis for employee protections is constitutional law and federal civil rights statutes, as well as Oklahoma’s Whistleblower Act. Together, these laws create an exception to the employment at-will concept that allows an employer to terminate a worker for any reason. As a result, it is unlawful to fire or retaliate against an employee for engaging in protected activities, which may include:

In addition, whistleblower protection laws also provide for confidentiality. Even though employers cannot engage in adverse action or retaliate against employees, they may do so through subtle means. Confidentiality safeguards the worker’s identity, making it less likely that a company could surreptitiously take adverse action as a punishment for the whistleblower.

Our Team is Prepared to Protect Your Interests

Our attorneys at Boettcher, Devinney, Ingle & Wicker are knowledgeable in complex whistleblower laws, and we have extensive experience representing employees who seek workplace fairness. We are ready to support your interests through:

Discuss Your Case with an Oklahoma City, OK Whistleblower Protections Lawyer

This overview of whistleblower rights and protections may be helpful in understanding the basic laws, but there are numerous details involved with the process. Our team at Boettcher, Devinney, Ingle & Wicker is prepared to take on the challenges, so please call 918-728-6500 or contact our Tulsa, OK whistleblowers attorneys right away. We can set up a free consultation to review your circumstances at our office in Ponca City, Oklahoma.