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Industrial Accidents

Representing Victims of Industrial Accidents

People who work in industrial settings such as oil processing plants or manufacturing facilities are often exposed to dangerous machinery and processes on a day-to-day basis. Most such environments have implemented safety precautions and procedures to limit the danger to which workers are exposed. Unfortunately, failure to adhere to such precautions or other negligent behavior may lead to accidents that cause severe injuries and even death.

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Ponca City Attorneys Assisting Victims of Workplace Injury

We represent people seriously injured in workplace accidents as the result of negligent actions or failures to take action. Such injuries may include:

Do I Have a Claim Beyond Workers' Compensation?

In most cases, workers' compensation benefits are paid to workers injured on the job by their employers, with the trade-off being that no lawsuit may be filed against them. If a third party was even partially responsible for the accident, or in certain other limited cases, you may be entitled to damages beyond workers' compensation.

Our lawyers will pursue damages from all parties responsible for the circumstances that led to the accident in which you were injured, including subcontractors or service providers.

We encourage you to speak with our attorneys about the circumstances of the industrial accident in which you were injured. It is important to fully understand your options.

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