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Common Accident Injuries

Sometimes, accidents are not truly accidents at all. What we call accidents are often the result of negligence, carelessness, or recklessness on behalf of one party. When a person or entity's negligence causes harm to another person, the injured party can file a personal injury lawsuit for compensation for damages. In many personal injury cases, damages are extensive and often include costly medical bills, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and more. At Boettcher, Devinney, Ingle & Wicker, our personal injury lawyers strive to help injured parties and their families recover compensation for injuries sustained as a result of another party's carelessness. Though physical injuries can take many forms, some are more common than others. Below we explore the various types of injuries accident victims can sustain.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are typically the result of extreme force or a violent blow to the head. A TBI may also occur when something penetrates the brain, such as a shattered piece of skull or a bullet. Mild to moderate TBIs may alter your brain cells temporarily, while more severe TBIs can result in long-term complications. Some such complications include personality changes, sleep disorders, loss of coordination, confusion, agitation, slurred speech, ringing in the ears, and other life-altering symptoms.


A concussion is another type of brain injury that alters brain function momentarily. Concussions, like TBIs, typically occur after a blow to the head. Many people assume that concussions cause loss of consciousness, but this is not always the case. This type of injury may affect a person's memory, reflexes, judgment, balance, speech, and muscle coordination.

Broken Bones and Sprains

Broken bones and sprains occur when a part of the body is forced to move in an unnatural way. A sprain occurs when the ligament stretches and tears, thereby resulting in pain and swelling. Sprains can typically be treated at home and within a few weeks, whereas broken bones require emergency attention and months to heal.

Whiplash and Neck Injuries

Whiplash commonly develops after car accidents, though it can happen in any situation in which the neck undergoes rapid back-and-forth movement. Common symptoms of whiplash include neck stiffness and pain, loss of range of motion in the neck, headaches, worsening neck pain with movement, tenderness in the upper back, shoulders, or arms, fatigue, and dizziness. Some whiplash patients may develop blurred vision, irritability, sleep disturbances, ringing in the ears, difficulty concentrating, and memory problems.

Back Injuries

Many accident victims sustain back injuries. There are a few different types of back injuries, some more severe than others. However, regardless of the type of back injury one experiences—whether a thoracic or lumbar spine injury, herniated disc, or spinal cord injury—it is sure to have a significant impact on daily life. Many back injuries require therapy and chiropractic care, though other, more severe injuries may require surgery.

Burns and Lacerations

Auto accidents are the top sources of burn injuries each year. Burns can be of the first, second, or third degree and can cause infection, blistering, or tissue damage. Some burns, such as first-degree burns, can be treated at home, while others, such as third-degree burns, may require skin grafts and specialized care.

Lacerations are characterized by tattered abrasions and deep gashes. There are five types of laceration — grinding compressions, cut lacerations, over-stretching, split laceration, and tearing.

What to do When You Sustain a Serious Injury

If you sustain a serious injury in an accident caused by another person's or entity's negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Our Oklahoma personal injury lawyers at Boettcher, Devinney, Ingle & Wicker will review the circumstances surrounding your injury, assess your injuries and how they have interfered with your life, and guide you through the claims process to success. Contact our law firm today to see how we can help you.