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Types of Premises Liability Cases in Oklahoma

You slipped on a puddle of water at the grocery store and fell, breaking your arm. Your neighbor’s dog escaped and attacked your leg, causing disfiguring injuries. You came home from work and were assaulted in your apartment complex.

These situations all have one thing in common: They are premises liability cases. Personal injury cases are typically caused by negligence, and this applies to premises liability cases, as well. Anytime you are injured on someone else’s property, there is the chance that negligence is at play.

Premises liability refers to unsafe conditions that cause a person to suffer serious injuries or a fatality. As a property owner—whether you are a homeowner or business owner—you have the burden of keeping your property safe for visitors, service people, and others who may come onto your property for any reason. Basically, if an accident occurs and you could have done something to prevent it from happening, you could be held liable .

This also means that if an injury does occur on another person’s property, that does not automatically mean that the property owner is negligent. For example, if a grocery store owner notices spilled milk in the aisle and puts up signs warning customers, yet a customer ignores the signs and still steps into the milk puddle and suffers injuries, the owner may not be held liable. The customer was warned and continued to step into the puddle.

Also, the property owner must have known about the dangerous condition in order to be held liable. If it suddenly snows and a visitor arrives at the same time, that might not be enough time for the property owner to shovel the walkways and prevent an accident.

Common Premises Liability Issues

Slips and falls are the most common premises liability issues. However, there are other conditions that would fall under premises liability. They include:

● Dog bites

● Drownings

● Lack of security

● Lack of maintenance

● Escalator and elevator accidents

● Amusement park accidents

● Fires

● Floods

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There are a wide range of situations in which a property owner can be at fault for an accident. Therefore, property owners have the burden to properly maintain their property and keep it secure. This means having adequate lighting, fixing broken or loose steps, securing rugs, cleaning wet or oily floors, removing ice and snow from the ground, placing gates around pools and having security guards on the premises (particularly at apartments in neighborhoods with high crime rates).

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Slip and falls are no laughing matter. Such an incident can lead to head trauma, broken bones, and other serious injuries.

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