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Oklahoma COVID-19 Attorney

Helping Families Who Lost a Loved One to COVID-19 after Workplace Exposure

The novel coronavirus outbreak has led to tens of thousands of deaths across the United States in a very short time, and families are feeling the tragedy and heartbreak of losing loved ones each and every day. While many people are staying home and sheltering in place as much as possible to minimize exposure risks, others are continuing to work for essential employers. Such essential operations include healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants and warehouses, delivery drivers, grocery store and pharmacy workers, food service workers, and more.

While much has been said about the bravery and dedication of essential workers during this frightening time, this praise means very little when someone contracts COVID-19 and does not survive. Families are left with many questions and few answers about possible legal and financial options, and it is natural to not know where to turn.

If your loved one died and you believe they were exposed to COVID-19 at work, please feel free to consult with the Oklahoma COVID-19 lawyers at Boettcher, Devinney, Ingle & Wicker. We can listen to what happened and determine whether we can help with a possible workers’ compensation claim. Reach out today to learn more.

Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits in Oklahoma

Workers’ compensation coverage exists to help people who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. When a worker sustains a fatal injury or illness, the surviving family can be entitled to death benefits. These benefits can help cover funeral expenses and the lost earnings of their family member. The amount of benefits possible will depend on:

Families might receive weekly benefits for a specified amount of time or a lump sum payment. It is important to have an experienced workers’ compensation attorney review any settlement offers to ensure they match the full amount you are entitled to under the law.

Claims Stemming from COVID-19 Fatalities

Coronavirus particles can be anywhere, and transmission is particularly likely from person to person. While some jobs are essential, workplaces should be taking measures to protect their employees, including providing proper personal protective equipment (PPE), regular sanitation, monitoring for symptoms, and more.

Some jobs are high-risk - such as hospital workers and first responders - and they know they will be around patients with COVID-19. In other workplaces, sufficient measures are not always taken to protect employees or stop exposure. Whether your loved one was exposed at work due to the nature of their employment or a lack of precaution by an employer, you might have a successful claim for workers’ compensation death benefits.

Contact Our Oklahoma COVID-19 Lawyers for the Help You Need

Proving exposure to COVID-19 happened at work is not always an easy task, and you can expect companies to fight against many claims arising from coronavirus. The legal team at Boettcher, Devinney, Ingle & Wicker are tackling these challenging cases and standing up for those who experienced tragic loss from COVID-19. Contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation case evaluation today.