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Trampoline Accidents in Oklahoma

Jumping on a trampoline can be wholesome fun for children, but trampolines also carry a risk of serious injury. Fortunately, most trampoline accidents do not result in injuries severe enough to require hospitalization. Even if your child recovers quickly and is soon bugging you to let them jump on the trampoline again, though, medical bills resulting from the accident can plague you for years to come. Your first concern if your child gets injured while playing on a trampoline should be your child’s well-being; seek medical attention immediately, and worry later about how you will afford the medical bills. An Oklahoma child injuries lawyer can help you deal with the financial disruptions that result from a trampoline accident.

Types of Injuries That Result from Trampoline Accidents

In general, playing on a trampoline is safe as long as there is adequate adult supervision and the children are old enough and big enough to play safely. Serious injuries can occur, though, if a child falls off of a trampoline, if the trampoline collapses, or if one child jumps or falls on top of another. These are just some of the kinds of injuries that children have sustained in trampoline accidents:

Trampoline Accidents at Private Residences

Property owners are legally responsible for damage caused by their property; this also applies to homeowners with trampolines at their private residences. If your child gets injured while playing on the trampoline in your neighbor’s yard, your neighbor may be responsible for compensating you for the cost of your child’s accident-related medical bills. This is especially the case if there was negligence on your neighbor’s part, such as if your neighbor did not assemble the trampoline properly or left the children to play unattended.

Injuries at Public Trampoline Parks or Summer Camps

Business owners have a legal responsibility to protect business invitees from preventable accidents at the place of business; this legal concept is called premises liability. You might have grounds for a premises liability lawsuit if your child got injured while playing on a trampoline at a summer camp, trampoline park, or indoor playground. In the case of indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks, it is the responsibility of parents to supervise their children as they play. As for summer camps, camp counselors and other staff members must provide adequate supervision at all times.

Injuries Resulting from Faulty Trampolines

Some trampoline accidents are the result of defects in the design or manufacture of the trampoline itself, even if the owner of the trampoline has made every effort to install it properly and supervise the children who play on it. The legal doctrine of product liability gives consumers the right to sue the manufacturers of inherently dangerous products; this includes trampolines that injure children when the children are not attempting to do dangerous stunts. Sometimes product liability lawsuits result in the recall of the dangerous products, as well as in the courts awarding damages to people injured by the products.

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