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Construction Vehicle Accidents

When you suffer injuries on the job site, our Oklahoma construction accident attorneys fight for your right to compensation.

Construction zones are inherently dangerous worksites. The accident rate among construction workers is higher than in other career fields. When heavy machinery and construction vehicles are involved, the risks increase. At the Law Firm of Boettcher, Devinney, Ingle & Wicker, we represent workers involved in construction vehicle accidents. Our Ponca City, OK worker’s compensation and personal injury attorneys have more than 65 years of combined experience fighting to get workers and their families the compensation they need to recover.

Protecting You When Construction Vehicle Accidents Happen

On-the-job injuries are an unfortunately common occurrence. For construction workers, injuries can be particularly severe. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports fatal accidents are more likely to occur on construction sites than in any other field. Over 6,000 construction workers suffer life threatening injuries each year and in 40% of these cases, construction vehicles are involved.

At Boettcher, Devinney, Ingle & Wicker, our Oklahoma construction vehicle accident attorneys protect the rights of workers and their families when injuries occur. We help victims get the compensation they are entitled to in accidents involving the following:

● Dump trucks, flatbeds, and cement mixers;

● Bulldozers and crawlers;

● Front loaders and backhoes;

● Excavators, trenchers, and grading equipment;

● Forklifts, cherry pickers, and cranes.

All of the above are massive pieces of machinery. When construction vehicle accidents do occur, it is not only the driver who is at risk for serious injuries. Others working near construction vehicles are likely to be impacted as well.

Legal Representation in Construction Vehicle Accident Claims

According to the Center for Construction Research and Training, construction vehicles are responsible for more than half of the serious injuries that occur on job sites. Common ways construction vehicle accidents occur include:

● Workers being struck by moving construction vehicles;

● Rollover accidents;

● Getting caught in or struck by objects working on or near these vehicles;

● Collisions involving other construction vehicles or equipment.

When these and other types of construction vehicle accidents happen, our Ponca City employment law attorneys at Boettcher, Devinney, Ingle & Wicker act as a strong legal advocate on your side.

Depending on the situation, you may be entitled to benefits through the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC). This includes medical expenses, payment of lost wages, and coverage for any lingering disabilities you suffer. In the event a construction vehicle accident results in fatal injuries, family members are entitled to benefits that can help offset their financial losses. In cases where an employer’s negligence is responsible for an accident or if WCC benefits are denied, you may be entitled to compensation through a personal injury claim.

Get Our Ponca City, OK Construction Vehicle Accident Attorneys on Your Side

The Law Firm of Boettcher, Devinney, Ingle & Wicker provides the trusted legal guidance and professional representation you need when construction vehicle accidents happen. To get our team fighting on your side, call or contact our Ponca City, OK accident attorneys online and request a consultation today.