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The Dangers of Self-Driving Cars

There was a time when cruise control and seat belts represented the latest and greatest in automotive safety features, and airbags came along just a few years later.

Do Bicyclists Have to Follow the Same Rules and Laws That Drivers Do?

Oklahoma roads and adjacent spaces are designed for many types of road users, so traffic laws must also accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians in addition to motorized vehicles. Instead of enacting a separate set of rules, state laws do apply and exist for the safety of all – including bike riders.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident in Tulsa

Nobody wants to get into a car accident, but the reality is that crashes happen daily. The average driver is bound to get into an accident at some point in their life, so it is important that every motorist knows what to do if they are involved in a crash.

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

You probably realize the risks when walking around traffic and surrounded by much larger, heavier, faster vehicles, but you may still be shocked to learn statistics on pedestrian accidents.

OK Ends Damages Cap on Pain and Suffering

In a personal injury lawsuit, the plaintiff is trying to prove that the defendant’s negligence caused the plaintiff’s injuries. The economic damages the plaintiff is seeking are past and future medical expenses and past and future lost income.

How Will Car Sharing Affect Personal Injury Claims?

TV commercials for personal injury law firms assure you that a car accident lawyer can help you get money to pay the medical bills associated with the injuries you sustained in the accident, but it is only when you meet with a lawyer that you find out that determining whom to ask for the money is not as simple as it seems.

New Bill Protects Drivers Who Crash Into Protestors

In April 2021, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed into law House Bill 1674, which protects from civil and criminal liability a driver whose motor vehicle hits pedestrians at a protest demonstration, provided that the driver hit the pedestrians unintentionally and that the driver was driving near pedestrians in order to escape the threat of violence from a riot.

Witnessing an Accident

If you witnessed a car accident in Oklahoma, chances are you do not know what to do next. Witnessing an auto accident can be a stressful experience. The primary thing you need to think about is your own safety.

Will Driving High Cost Me a DUI?

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a very serious crime in Oklahoma. It can result in jail time, high fines, and even a driver’s license revocation. However, these laws do not only apply to driving under the influence of alcohol in the state.

If a Passenger Distracts a Driver Verbally or Physically, Who is at Fault?

When an accident occurs between two vehicles, it is natural to assume that one of the drivers is at fault. In most cases, this is true. Drivers are typically responsible for ensuring they are driving in a safe manner, and that individuals in their vehicles are also acting responsibly.

Insurers Uncertain When It Comes to Safety of Self-Driving Vehicles

In recent years, there has been a steady push for increased automation in newly manufactured vehicles. Self-driving cars and those with advanced crash avoidance systems are flooding the market and promise to reduce motor vehicle accident rates. Insurance companies are not yet convinced.

What to do if You Fail a Field Sobriety Test

It is every driver’s worst nightmare: You are headed down the road when you spot red lights flashing in your rearview mirror. You pull over and the officer asks you to get out of the vehicle. If you are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, the officer will likely administer field sobriety tests. If you fail these, you will be placed under arrest and charged with a DUI.

How Beneficial are Dash Cams?

When motor vehicle accidents occur, it is often due to the reckless behavior of one of the drivers involved. In these cases, you may be entitled to injuries you suffer either through an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. Dash cams provide valuable evidence of how the crash occurred in these types of cases. They can also help improve your driving skills, preventing collisions from occurring.

Reckless Driving is More Dangerous Than It Sounds

Driving a car is a complex task and nothing to take lightly. Considering the sheer number of other people on the road and the speed at which most vehicles are traveling, not taking the proper precautions and engaging in reckless behaviors can put you, your passengers, and others at risk. Reckless driving is a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents and can leave victims suffering from serious and often life threatening injuries.

Did the Pedestrian Cause the Accident?

Pedestrian accidents are an unfortunately common occurrence, both in Ponca City and throughout Oklahoma. With little to protect them in the event of motor vehicle accidents, the injuries pedestrians suffer have a tendency to be severe. While motor vehicle drivers are generally assumed to be at fault in these collisions, the fact is that there are actions the pedestrian may have taken which increased their risks or contributed to the crash.

Common Distracted Driving Behaviors

Many of us lead busy lives and have hectic schedules. Having to juggle your time and multitask at home, work, or in your personal life is common. Unfortunately, this can easily leave you feeling distracted, drained, and generally out of focus. It can also make you more susceptible to accidental injuries and is particularly dangerous when behind the wheel.

Are DUI Checkpoints Legal in Oklahoma?

Drunk driving is a common problem throughout Oklahoma and puts the driver and other motorists on the road at risk for potentially serious car accidents and injuries. For this reason, law enforcement officials are aggressive in apprehending offenders while prosecuting attorneys do their best to make DUI charges stick.

Who is Liable for an Accident in a Self-Driving Car?

Self-driving cars have been making headlines across the nation. Originally heralded as a way to help reduce the high number of motor vehicle accidents that occur each year throughout the country, they are now the subject of controversy after a series of tragic and high-profile accidents. In a typical crash, drivers are generally liable for any injuries that result.

Do Injured Passengers in Car Accidents Have Rights?

A vehicle passenger who sustains injuries in a car accident generally has an easier time recovering compensation for injuries than the drivers of involved vehicles. This is because the passenger does not have to prove fault — one of the drivers was at fault, so one of the drivers' insurance companies needs to foot the bill.

Stay safe while driving around to get holiday errands done

As you are moving around to get your holiday shopping done, you might realize that some drivers are being aggressive and aren't paying much attention to what is going on in traffic. This is something that can lead to car crashes that cause injuries or deaths. Trying to stay safe should be a priority of the season, but many people are too focused on rushing to run their errands.

Post-traumatic stress disorder might occur after a bad car crash

You might associate post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with military service during a time of war or similar events. Did you know that PTSD can also occur after a car crash? If you've never considered that possibility, you should understand that this is a very big concern for some victims.

Car crashes can dramatically change your life

We recently discussed some of the factors that come into the picture when you are hit by a vehicle that was borrowed by someone. This is something that can have a big impact on your case; however, it isn't the only factor that can affect your case. We can help you to learn about what your case entails so that you can move forward with your claim.

Who is liable for crashes that occur in a borrowed vehicle?

When you loan out a vehicle to a friend or borrow one from someone, the insurance that is on the vehicle is what will follow the vehicle. You can't get insurance on yourself and the way that you drive. This means that you are covered only up to what the car owner's policy on the vehicle covers.

Motor vehicle crashes can cause serious injuries to the victims

We recently discussed how you might need to try to grab some pictures of the scene when you are involved in an accident. These pictures can show anyone who needs to see the scene exactly what happened. They can prove very valuable when you are seeking compensation for the injuries you suffered in the accident.

Take as many pictures as you can after a car crash

The evidence that you have can play a big part in your claim for compensation after you are in a car accident. One of the types of evidence you can gather if you aren't too badly injured or if you have someone who can take the pictures for you is photographs of the scene.

Car accident claims: From damages to defedants

Motor vehicle crashes can lead to serious injuries. When these injuries impact your life, you might decide to seek compensation for those injuries. The compensation you seek doesn't have to be limited only to the money that you are out of after paying medical bills. There are other types of damages that you might suffer in these cases.

Make a plan for action if you are struck by a car while walking

A pedestrian who is hit by a car is likely going to feel some shock and stress because of the incident. Thinking clearly might not be something that is possible right after the accident. Having a plan of action when you are planning a walk might help you to remember what to do if you are struck by a car.