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Should I Go to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room in OK?

On behalf of Brad Wicker of BDIW Law posted on Saturday January 29, 2022.

You just got into an accident. Is the ER or urgent care better suited for your medical needs?

After a car accident or other type of personal injury, it is a good idea to seek medical care as soon as possible. This is especially true if you plan to file a claim for compensation, as you will need proof of your injuries.

But where exactly should you go to get treated? Do you really need to go to your local hospital’s ER or is urgent care good enough? Read on to discover the differences.

Why You Should Go to Urgent Care

For many cases, urgent care may be sufficient. That is good news because it offers many benefits. Urgent care is often the first choice for many people because it is cheaper and more convenient. Urgent care is usually quicker as well, with many people in and out in less than an hour.

However, urgent care should be used for non-emergency situations. It is good for situations in which your regular doctor is unavailable, and you can get an injury quickly treated, but do not expect a comprehensive evaluation. You will not get any tests done to see how bad your injury is. You may get some medications to deal with your pain, but do not expect any X-rays or other diagnostics.

Why You Should Go to the Emergency Room

Emergency rooms are reserved for, well, emergencies. If you were involved in a serious car accident and suffered broken bones and deep lacerations, you need to go to the ER. If you suffered a stroke, seizure, or deep burn, you need to go to the ER. The emergency room is the best course of action any time you are in a life-threatening situation. Urgent care staff will not be able to help you in these cases.

If you are ever in doubt, go to the ER. The emergency room has all the equipment needed to care for any medical condition.

Many people avoid emergency rooms, though, due to the downsides involved. It can be very costly. A visit can cost many thousands of dollars, especially if you do not have insurance. Plus, it is not first come, first served. People are seen in the order of priority, so it could be hours before you are even seen.

What if I Feel Fine?

You may feel like avoiding either option if you are feeling OK. However, that is not a good idea. You need to get checked out by a medical professional, regardless of whether you are in pain. The adrenaline of the aftermath of a car accident can mask your pain. You may feel fine, but you could be suffering from a variety of injuries. Plus, you will need proof of your injuries if you plan to file a claim for compensation, so at least get checked out.

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There are situations in which urgent care is sufficient, but in more serious cases, you will need the trained staff of the emergency room to deal with your medical issues.

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