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Amazon Workers Fear Workers’ Comp

Unreasonable demands and workloads put Amazon fulfillment center workers at risk every day. It may take the involvement of an Oklahoma workers’ compensation attorney to get the benefits these injured workers deserve.

Amazon has been in the news a lot lately, especially with concerns about warehouse accidents and workers’ compensation claims. Amazon prides itself on keeping on top of its tight delivery dates, ensuring consumers get their products right away. But what price do the warehouse workers have to pay for this convenience?

According to a recent article in The Atlantic, some California Amazon warehouse workers are expected to scan items every 11 seconds to meet their required quotas. Scanning products requires a lot of lifting and bending. One employee wound up with a major back problem in only a year of doing this job. An Amazon-approved doctor noted that her injuries could be entirely attributed to her job. Now, she is unable to work, and her workers’ compensation benefits are about to run out. 

Statistics on Injured Workers at Amazon Warehouses

Statistics quoted in The Atlantic show that injuries sustained at Amazon’s fulfillment centers are more than double the national average for the warehouse industry. In 2018, the nationwide average was four injuries per 100 full-time workers. Amazon’s average was 9.6 serious injuries per 100 workers. Amazon has even made it on the 2018 list of the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health’s “Dirty Dozen,” which is a compilation of the most dangerous places to work across the country.

It is understandable that workers at Amazon and other businesses are afraid of making a workers’ compensation claim. They may fear retribution from their employer or, like this employee, find themselves running out of benefits and being unable to return to work. Some employees’ situations have become so drastic that they are homeless now. You should never go through problems like this, especially alone. You need the assistance of a skilled Ponca City, Oklahoma workers’ compensation attorney. At BDIW Law, our team of attorneys has more than 65 years of combined legal experience representing clients for all their injury claims, including workers’ compensation.

What are Your Rights as an Amazon Worker?

Sadly, there are countless reports of employees suffering retaliation and being fired for making a workers’ compensation claim. Oklahoma is a no-fault state, which means you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits even if you were partially or wholly at fault for your injuries sustained on the job. If you were intoxicated on the job, then benefits could be denied.

You may be eligible for temporary or permanent disability benefits in some cases, as well. Reporting your injury and following the workers’ compensation guidelines are a must in order to obtain coverage. If you do not agree with the doctor’s findings, you can ask to switch doctors. Was your case denied? You do have the right to appeal, just as you have the right to take action if they retaliate.

Contact a Skilled Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Do not attempt to fight Amazon, or any other Oklahoma employer on your own. When you retain a Ponca City injury attorney, our lawyers will carefully review your case and advise you on what your legal rights are and how to proceed. For assistance with your workers’ compensation case or any other injury claims, contact BDIW Law today to schedule an initial consultation.

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