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August 2014 Archives

High school football concussions and helmets

One major safety concern in recent times in high school football here in Oklahoma and nationwide is concussion risk. A significant area of focus in addressing this injury risk has been helmets. Given this, some might find the findings of a recent study somewhat puzzling.

Just say no to electronic devices when driving

There is no shortage of electronic devices in our society. These devices, such as smartphones, tablets and GPS units, are used by countless individuals. They are aimed at making our lives easier, but, when they are used at the wrong times, they can actually make the world a more dangerous place.

Anti-drunk-driving campaign starting in Oklahoma, rest of U.S.

As summer begins to come to a close, many individuals here in Oklahoma will be taking to the roads to get their last few summer activities in. The roads are likely to be particularly crowded over Labor Day weekend, as for many this holiday weekend represents the last opportunity to get one more summer trip in.

Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Commission being investigated

Suffering a workplace accident can be an extremely shocking, scary and impactful thing for a worker to experience. One minute, a worker is doing their job as normal, and the next they find themselves with a serious injury, such as a brain injury, which could lead to big medical expenses and the potential of not being able to work for a time. Facing such financial impacts, one thing that can be of incredible importance for a worker who has been injured in a workplace accident is to receive workers' compensation benefits when they are entitled to them.

Military Trucking Accident Causes Wrongful Death in Oklahoma City

A military trucking accident occurred on July 31, 2014 in northeast Oklahoma City.  A military truck carrying a storage container attempted to travel under a bridge near northeast 23rd and Sooner Road.  Authorities say a container containing weightlifting and exercise equipment was too high to fit under the bridge.  The container hit the bridge and was knocked onto another car on the roadway, causing one person's death.  The military is conducting an investigation into how this could occur.