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April 2016 Archives

Tests for blood flow might show traumatic brain injury

With all of the news of professional athletes suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which can currently only being diagnosed after the person has died, there have been some who have wondered why advancements haven't been made that will allow doctors to diagnose CTE patients while they are alive so that the patients can get medical care for the condition.

Drunk driving accident compensation claims can be complicated

Drunk driving accidents are almost always preventable accidents. If the person who was drunk didn't opt to get behind the wheel of the vehicle, the accident likely wouldn't have occurred. That, however, doesn't mean that it will always be easy to seek compensation for the accident. Instead, it is often possible that we will have to work hard on your behalf to seek the compensation you deserve.

People who are injured in DUI crashes can get help

Victims of violent crashes, such as those that occur when a driver is driving drunk, often face a long road to recovery. During the recovery process, the victim might incur hefty medical bills and might not be able to work. A program that is available in Oklahoma can often help these victims to get the care they need while they focus on their recovery.

What is autonomic dysrelexia after a spinal cord injury?

People who have suffered from a spinal cord injury can often have different complications that are associated with that injury. Autonomic dysreflexia is a condition that can be life-threatening if it isn't promptly recognized and treated. This means that spinal cord injury patients and their caregivers always have to be on the lookout for signs that this condition might occur.

Take action after your loved one's tragic death

Fatal car accidents are the first event in a long list of events that occur for the family members that are left behind after the accident. When you lose a loved one because of the actions of another driver, you might decide that you need to hold the driver accountable for his or her actions. One way that this can occur is through a wrongful death lawsuit. We know that you probably need time to grieve after your loved one's death, but there are time limits that you must be aware of if you are planning on filing a wrongful death lawsuit in Oklahoma.