Truck accidents in Oklahoma a main concern for authorities

Carrying heavy loads is what semi-trucks do. They are an important part of our economy and you see them every day on the highways of Oklahoma. They are heavily regulated and for a good reason. If you have ever been in heavy traffic with one, you know that the load they are carrying far outweighs your vehicle. If they aren't careful, they can cause an accident and serious injury or death if they hit you. The weight of a loaded truck can reach beyond 50,000 pounds.

The authorities of the state of Oklahoma have created a topic called "Growth in Freight." It is a central issue. They want to enhance the ability of all types of vehicles, including semi-trucks, to travel safely and profitably on the road. They estimate that between 2015 and 2040, freight weight will increase by 1.6 percent per year. The roads will have to accommodate more and heavier trucks if the state is to stay competitive in this business.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is the agency that analyzes the flow of freight within the state, and that flows out of the state. Being safe is a major concern of the agency and the weight of each truck is carefully monitored to ensure that they are not overdoing it on the highways.

One of the main issues with truck accidents is that they may be carrying too much baggage to be at a safe weight. The trucks are required to stop at all weigh stations and can be stopped at any time by the authorities for a weight check. Some trucks have portable weighing devices that make the travel time more profitable because, if they don't have one, they have to be followed by the police to the next weigh station. This stop usually entails more than just weight checks and can be a huge block of time for the trucker.

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Source: Oklahoma Department of Transportation, "Freight and Goods Movement," accessed Jan. 11, 2016

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