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The steps that need to be taken when in a car accident

Getting into a car accident can be a jarring and scarring incident in your life. You are the type of driver who takes care to mind all of the traffic signs and signals. You are extremely careful when driving in bad weather and you stay off your phone while en route. Not everyone is a cautious as you are. They drive and text so they are distracted; they may be tired and driving when they should be resting. They hit your car and damage it and cause sometimes serious injuries to everyone in your car. The initial shock will wear off and the next stage is to question what happened and why.

What is the state of Oklahoma doing to prevent truck accidents?

Getting into a car accident is damaging. Getting in to a truck accident is even more damaging. Getting into a truck accident because the roadway was faulty is simply unforgivable. The authorities of the state of Oklahoma take this type of situation very seriously. They are responsible for 12,264 miles of two-lane and multiple-lane highways and state roads. They are also responsible for bridges that cover major rivers, streams and lakes. On the average, vehicles, including commercial trucks, travel 68.8 million miles every day in Oklahoma.

Truck accidents in Oklahoma a main concern for authorities

Carrying heavy loads is what semi-trucks do. They are an important part of our economy and you see them every day on the highways of Oklahoma. They are heavily regulated and for a good reason. If you have ever been in heavy traffic with one, you know that the load they are carrying far outweighs your vehicle. If they aren't careful, they can cause an accident and serious injury or death if they hit you. The weight of a loaded truck can reach beyond 50,000 pounds.

Brain injury can mean more than just memory loss

Having a brain injury can affect the way you live your life. It can mean permanent tremors, difficulty walking, failing to remember what you had for dinner yesterday or not being able to recall who called you 10 minutes ago. You can be facing extraordinary challenges because you were in an accident that was no fault of your own. It could have been a vehicle accident or a slip and fall at the store or in someone's home. Whatever happened, you are traumatized and need help.