How do I avoid a car accident this winter in Oklahoma?

Driving on the highway of Oklahoma, in the past few years, has been pretty bad in the winter months. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation has come up with some ways to ensure that you are safe and sound and avoiding car accidents due to highway snares and unsafe conditions. There are several new ways to communicate with ODOT and see exactly what is going on in the streets and highways of Oklahoma.

There is a new hotline number, (844-4OKHWYS) that will tell you the highways that have been affected by weather. Also, is a new addition to helping you with the trip you are planning. It tells you what the weather conditions are and what storm events are occurring. You can get a "big picture" idea or more pin-pointed information at a click-on map that you access on the Internet.

This is an excellent way to avoid a car accident. Using this agent for information can enable you to be informed and arrive safely at your destination. This information can help you decide to either go at a safe time or postpone your trip until a more conducive timeframe. Sometimes, however, it isn't up to you. You may be trying your best to be careful and drive safely but not everyone is as good a driver as you. You are hit and injured and don't know what your next steps are. You have used the tools that the government has provided but it did no good. You are involved in a car accident that leaves you with a deficit.

What are you to do? You have property damage to your car and your medical bills are out of this world. You may want to talk to an attorney who can guide you through the court system that enables you to recoup your losses and pay your bills.

Source: Oklahoma Department of Transportation, "Ringing in a new hotline, interactive map for highway conditions in Oklahoma," accessed Dec. 28, 2015

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