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December 2015 Archives

How do I avoid a car accident this winter in Oklahoma?

Driving on the highway of Oklahoma, in the past few years, has been pretty bad in the winter months. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation has come up with some ways to ensure that you are safe and sound and avoiding car accidents due to highway snares and unsafe conditions. There are several new ways to communicate with ODOT and see exactly what is going on in the streets and highways of Oklahoma.

Wrongful death of child and elderly person viewed differently

When you lose a loved one to an accident that wasn't his or her fault, you may bring the culprit to court in order to receive recompense and justice. There is no way to really put a value on a human life, but judges and juries have this hard and unpleasant task put on them. The victim's earning potential is what is mostly examined.

Next steps after a truck accident

Getting involved in a truck accident can cause serious injury. Semi-trucks are made to carry heavy cargo, sometimes up to 50,000 pounds when fully loaded. The drivers are somewhat overworked in general because there are state guidelines in Oklahoma that dictate how many hours they can drive, how long their break must be and even how they can use cell phones while driving.

What is wrongful death and how is a wrongful death case pursued?

Have you lost a loved one because someone was negligent or because your loved one was murdered? One avenue of making the person responsible for this death is to file a wrongful death suit. Most of the time, a wrongful death suit will be filed after the criminal trial is over. This is because the evidence can be used from the criminal case. There is a lower standard of proof that applies to a civil suit of wrongful death. It really doesn't matter if the person who did the deed was found guilty in the criminal case or not.