The state of Oklahoma and the trucking industry stand for safety

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol takes trucking accidents very seriously. They have dedicated their lives to protect those on the road from being injured or killed in a truck accident. With a total population of 3,850,568 in the entire state, there is a good possibility that you will see a truck on the road. Hopefully, the driver isn't distracted or tired because this leads to accidents that can cause serious injury and damage to your vehicle.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit, or CVE, is a division of the state government that is pursuing public safety interests by reducing accidents that involve a semi-truck or a commercial vehicle. They are focusing on problem-specific activities that will, in the end, help reduce truck accidents across the state. The statistics are a bit alarming: The fatality rate is at 22 percent for every 100 million drivers. The percentage has fluctuated a bit over the years, but it is a problem that needs looking into and that is what the CVE is doing.

The federal government is involved as well so this is a joint venture. They are offering education and training to truckers across the state and enforcement of laws is also on the radar. The lead Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program agency for the State is called "Troop S." Troop S will be enforcing the law and helping educate truck drivers who seem to be weak in the safety area. There are 45 officers in this troop and their whole job is to ensure that you are safe on the road when trucks are present.

Sometimes, no matter how much enforcement and education takes place, a truck driver will be careless or reckless and cause an accident. You are hurt, your car is demolished and you wonder what your next step will be. Asking for help at a time like this is not a bad idea.

Source: Oklahoma Department of Highway Safety, "Commercial vehicle safety plan," accessed Nov. 02, 2015

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