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November 2015 Archives

Oklahoma making it safer for you to drive

When you think of getting into a car accident in Oklahoma, the last thing on your mind is if the state authorities have ensured, through the taxes that you pay, that you are safe and sound road-wise. There is an Asset Preservation and Construction Work Plan that you can access on the Oklahoma Transportation Department website. It is dedicated to the daily maintenance of the transportation system in this state in a way that enhances the public that is travelling statewide.

Memory loss means you have brain injury

There are varying degrees of the affects of brain injury. Even though you can remember your best friend's name in middle school with your current brain injury, remembering what you had for dinner yesterday or what medication you took two hours ago may prove to be more of a challenge. There are three types of brain injury: immediate, short term and long term. Depending on what type of brain injury you have will dictate what you remember.

Man and passenger named in wrongful death action

In Oklahoma recently, a man who was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol struck and killed a woman who was walking to a convenience store at approximately 3:00 a.m. She was with a friend who was injured in this accident. Her family is, understandably, distraught because of her death.

What happens when I have a truck accident?

Being involved in a semi-truck accident can be devastating. You are injured, your passengers are hurt, the vehicle you were traveling in is totaled and you seemingly have no recourse. You do have a way to hold the party who caused this pain to be held accountable. There are 45 Oklahoma State troopers who are dedicated to serving you when you have been involved in an accident.

The state of Oklahoma and the trucking industry stand for safety

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol takes trucking accidents very seriously. They have dedicated their lives to protect those on the road from being injured or killed in a truck accident. With a total population of 3,850,568 in the entire state, there is a good possibility that you will see a truck on the road. Hopefully, the driver isn't distracted or tired because this leads to accidents that can cause serious injury and damage to your vehicle.