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When a drowning becomes a wrongful death case

Losing a loved one to drowning is tragic. It means that a life ended too soon. While grieving over your loss, you may also realize that someone's negligence was responsible for your loved one's death. Trying to deal with this knowledge can be difficult as well. However, here are a few things to consider:

Did someone physically cause the drowning? Was he or she negligent or reckless in the operation of a pool? Was their behavior or lack of action the reason your family member has died? These are questions an experienced wrongful death attorney will ask.

If there were lifeguards present, were they ineffective and non-attentive? If they were not paying attention to the job they had, you may have a claim of wrongful death. Many times, the pool itself may be defective. Drains may be left uncovered or the deck may be slippery and caused your loved one to slip into the water when he or she was not expecting it.

Another aspect of drowning is that your loved one may have been involved in water sports. Using jet skis, wave runners and skiing behind a boat are all actions that may be the cause of injuries that can result in a drowning. If he or she is skiing, fall, and are hit by a speeding boat or one that is driven by a drunk driver, this can be a reason to bring the other boat driver to court.

A civil lawsuit can help the family recover compensation for your loved one's final expenses, pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of future wages and more. An experienced personal injury attorney can give you more information about your legal options.

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Thanks for the post. I can see how something like a accidental drowning could turn into a wrongful death case. It is scary to think that that could happen. I think the parent have already endured enough with the loss of a child. I think it is vital that you hire an attorney that has the proper experience to help you in such a sad time.

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