Brain injury can affect more than just your head

Being a victim of an incident that causes a brain injury can leave you facing challenges that you aren't ready for. This type of injury can change your life forever. Remembering that the person who had the injury happen to him or her is, first of all a person, is vital. The cause, location and severity of the injury will affect each person differently.

Almost 2.5 million people suffer from brain injuries every year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that falls make up a full 35.2 percent of this type of injury. Vehicle accidents are the culprit for 17.3 percent of them while struck-by something claims 16.5 percent. Assaults are responsible for 10 percent of all brain injuries in the U.S.

With the real responsibility laying with a company, store or individual, you need to ask the hard question of just what your options are and who you can talk to in order to see what your next steps are. An experienced attorney can listen to your story, tell you your options and help you work to get what you and the injured person deserve.

An injured brain can have neurons, nerve tracts and sections of the brain affected. Having neurons and nerve tracts damaged means that the body can't tell the brain what to do. This is extremely hard on the person who has to take care of the person because he or she can't really tell you what is going on and what they may need.

This can affect things such as breathing, heart rate, vision, taste and smell. Can you imagine the difficulty in trying to live with a disorder like this? A brain injury is never an easy thing and you may need to bring the person into a court of law to get recompensed for the cost of rehabilitation, medical bills, loss of income and suffering.

Talking with a knowledgeable attorney about your next steps can empower you. Knowing your rights in this type of situation is so important.

Source: Brain Injury Association of America, "Living With Brain Injury," accessed July 16, 2015

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