What is spinal cord injury?

If you have spinal cord injury (SCI), or have a loved one who is suffering this fate, you know what it is like to face this every morning. According to a scientific report, the cost of living with SCI can vary greatly, and can be considerable, depending on the severity of the injury.

Tetraplegia occurs when a person suffers an injury to one of the eight cervical segments of the spinal cord.

Paraplegia occurs when you get lesions in the thoracic, lumbar or sacral regions of the spinal cord.

SCI occurs when the bony protection of the cord is damaged or injured by fracture, dislocation, a burst, compression hyperextension or hyperflexation.

Incomplete tetraplegia is the most reported injury at 39.5 percent. Complete paraplegia is the next one to be reported at a percentage of 22.1. Incomplete paraplegia is next at 21.7 percent and the final one to make the list is complete tetraplegia at 16.3 percent.

That is quite a line-up of injury. Because of someone's negligence, you or a loved one are injured. Getting in touch with an attorney who is experienced in this type of case can mean that you hold the party who caused this responsible.

A doctor needs to examine you after the injury happens in order to assess the parts of the body that are affected. After the examination, the medical professional will assign a level of injury. He or she will indicate if it is complete or incomplete.

The level of injury and the function of your limbs may change and that will also be noted by the doctor.

After rehabilitation, you may recover use of your arms or even your legs and the individual outcomes vary widely.

You have suffered because someone didn't take proper precautions or was careless. Getting recompensed for lost income and pain and suffering along with the cost of rehabilitation is what the law can help to accomplish.

Source: Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, "The Costs of Living with SCI," accessed June 17, 2015

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