Act safely out on the roads this Memorial Day weekend

Holiday weekends are generally a very exciting time. There are all sorts of fun plans a person may have for a given holiday weekend.

It is not at all uncommon for a person to need to do a fair amount of traveling to get to their various planned activities and events for a holiday weekend. Many holiday weekend travelers chose car travel as their main mode of transportation. Thus, the roads can be very busy on holiday weekends. Consequently, it is very important for individuals to not forget about the importance of safe driving during holiday weekends.

One holiday weekend is Memorial Day weekend. This holiday weekend will be starting in just a few days.

Recently, estimates on how many traffic injuries and traffic fatalities will occur in the U.S. this Memorial Day weekend were released by the National Safety Council. The organization estimates that there will be over 46,000 traffic-related medically consulted injuries and over 380 traffic-related deaths this Memorial Day holiday period. For the purposes of these estimates, this year's Memorial Day holiday period starts at 6:00 p.m. this Friday and finishes at 11:59 p.m. next Monday.

One hopes the actual numbers will end up coming below these estimates. One further hopes that all individuals who take to the roads this Memorial Day weekend, here in Oklahoma and throughout the U.S., will do everything they can to stick to safe driving and to help reduce the likelihood of fatal or injury-causing accidents occurring. This includes things like: avoiding distractions when driving, not driving after one has consumed alcohol, being mindful of one's speed when driving and being mindful of weather and road conditions.

How good of a job do you think Memorial Day weekend drivers, generally, do when it comes to driving safely? What do you think are some of the driving mistakes that are most common among Memorial Day weekend drivers? Are there any particular safety tips you have for Memorial Day weekend driving here in Oklahoma?

We wish everyone who will be traveling this Memorial Day weekend a safe trip!

Source: National Safety Council, "Nearly 400 fatalities from crashes this Memorial Day weekend, estimates National Safety Council," May 15, 2015

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