Insurer trying something new when it comes to aggressive drivers

Encountering an aggressive driver out on the roads can be a very terrifying experience for a motorist. Sadly, such an encounter sometimes not only proves to be a scary one, but also a harmful one. Aggressive drivers sometimes, through their conduct, end up colliding with innocent motorists. When a person is injured by an aggressive driver, they may want to have a lawyer help them with compensation-related matters.

Unfortunately, while it is quite well-known how big of a traffic safety risk aggressive driving is, there are many drivers who continue to engage in such conduct out on the roads. One wonders if a new strategy an insurance company is trying will perhaps lead to drivers being more careful about avoiding engaging in aggressive driving.

The insurance company in question is Progressive and the new strategy involves their Snapshot program. The Snapshot program is a program in which individuals with auto insurance with Progressive can chose to have a data recording device, known as a Snapshot device, put in their vehicle.

Up until recently, Progressive has primarily been using data from the Snapshot devices to give discounts to drivers for good driving conduct. Now, however, Progressive has announced that it is starting to implement a new strategy which involves also using the data to put insurance surcharges on drivers with the Snapshot device who engage in aggressive driving.

Progressive's foray into this new strategy has thus far been pretty limited. Currently, it is only including insurance surcharges for aggressive driving in the Snapshot program in one state (Missouri), and even in that state it is only doing this for new participants in the Snapshot program. However, a company spokesperson said the strategy is expected to be expanded into other states in the future.

What do you think of the idea of insurers assigning insurance surcharges to drivers who are caught engaging in aggressive driving by insurance recording devices like the Snapshot device? Do you think this is something that should be done on a wide basis, including here Oklahoma? Do you think it could lead to reductions in aggressive driving? What impacts do you think such a strategy by insurers would have on overall traffic safety?

Source: Chicago Tribune, "Progressive using Snapshot to add surcharge for aggressive drivers," Becky Yerak, March 27, 2015

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