Should the backseats of cars be safer?

Over the past couple of decades there have been quite a few advances in occupant safety technologies in automobiles. However, these advances have been somewhat one-sided.

Specifically, over this time period, there have been many more safety advances related to the front seats of motor vehicles than there have been for the backseat. Improved front seat safety belts, crumple zones and air bags are among the safety technologies that have arisen that have sought to improve the safety of front seats. The facts that front seat passengers make up a very large percentage of all motor vehicle occupants and that, historically, front seats have been a more dangerous place to sit than the backseat may be behind why recent occupant safety technology improvements have mostly been focused on front seats.

The fact that improvements in front seat safety have outpaced improvements in backseat safety in recent times has a created a situation in which the safety advantage that the backseat has historically held over front seats may no longer be present. In fact, some research indicates that the backseat might now be less safe than front seats when it comes to adult occupants. 

What do you think is the safest seat in a car? Do you think that front seats are now safer than backseats? Do you think there needs to be more of a focus on improving the safety of the backseats of cars? Are there any safety technologies in particular you would like to see developed for backseats?

This discussion of backseat safety underscores the point that drivers are not the only ones who can get seriously hurt in motor vehicle accidents, so too can passengers. And, just like drivers injured in auto accidents, passengers hurt in accidents may have a considerable number of questions regarding whether they can seek injury compensation. Thus, passengers in car accidents may find talking things over with a personal injury attorney helpful.

Source: CBS Money Watch, "In car crashes, backseat can be more dangerous than the front," Kate Gibson, Feb. 13, 2015

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