Study: waste system damage among the harm TBI causes to a brain

The human brain is an extremely complex organ in which there are a wide range of different systems that play an important role in ensuring proper function. This is one of the reasons why traumatic brain injuries can be so incredibly damaging.

Such injuries can impact the functional abilities of a wide variety of the brain's systems. A recent study indicates that the brain's waste removal system is one of the things that a TBI can damage. Damage to this system is no small matter, as it is thought that such damage is one of the things that can lead to a TBI sufferer facing early development of dementia and other neurological problems.

In the study, researchers looked at what effects having a TBI had on the glymphatic system of the brains of mice. This system is the brain's special waste removal system. When it functions normally, the glymphatic system clears out hazardous proteins from the brain, such as stray tau proteins.

The study found that TBI generally resulted in the glymphatic system of the studied mice suffering damages and stray tau proteins not being cleared out of the mice's brains like they should have been. Thus, it appears that damage to this waste removal system is one of the things that can lead to tau protein buildups in the brain, which is thought to be among the things that can contribute to TBI victims facing significant long-term impacts from their injury.

As this study illustrates, TBIs can have some major effects on a person's brain. This can make it so a person's life is never really the same after a TBI. Experienced personal injury attorneys understand how vastly TBIs can affect a person's life and can assist TBI victims in figuring out if they have any compensation-pursing actions they can take in relation to the circumstances under which their injury occurred.

Source: Medical Xpress, "Blows to head damage brain's 'garbage truck,' accelerate dementia," Dec. 2, 2014

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