Could app help parents get their teens to drive safely?

Encouraging teenage drivers to engage in safe driving when out on the roads is remarkably important. Unsafe driving conduct by teens can endanger both the teen drivers who engage in it and motorists that are near them. 

One challenging aspect of this issue is figuring out what the best ways are for parents to promote safe driving among their teens. A recent in-vehicle system app released by one car company raises the question: could technology play a major role in helping parents to get their teens to be safe when behind the wheel?

The car company in question is Hyundai and the app can currently be used with one of its car models, the 2015 Azera. The company plans to make the app compatible with a couple other models, the Sonata and the Genesis, in the near future.

The app is designed to help parents keep tabs on their teens' driving habits. The app allows parents to program in limits on when their teen can drive the car, where they can drive the car and how fast they can drive the car. When a teen violates one of these limits when driving the car, the app will send a notification to the parent. Also, it will notify the teen, through a message on the car's multimedia screen, that their parent is being informed of the limit violation.

The hope of this app is that it could help teens to act more safely when behind the wheel. There has been some past research indicating that monitoring devices for teen drivers could have such benefits.

What do you think of Hyundai's app? Do you think that it will prove to be an effective tool for parents? Do you think it could help curb teen driver accidents? Would you like to see this type of teen driver monitoring system available on all vehicles? What other ways could you see technology possibly playing a role in promoting safe teen driving in the future?

Source: Consumer Affairs, "App lets parents monitor their teen drivers," Mark Huffman, Nov. 12, 2014

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