Vital for 18-wheeler drivers to avoid distracted driving

Here in Oklahoma, the safety of a lot of motorists rides on how responsible 18-wheeler drivers are when transporting loads on the state's roads. Given the massive size and weight of 18-wheelers, unsafe conduct by truck drivers can lead to accidents in which multiple people are severely, and perhaps even fatally, injured.

When an 18-wheeler accident comes about, it can be very important to determine how exactly the crash occurred. One of the things that can sometimes shed light on how an accident happened are detailed investigations of the conduct of the 18-wheeler driver.

There are many types of conduct that it can be incredibly dangerous when an 18-wheeler driver engages in them. Distracted driving is one of these types of conduct. While one would hope that truck drivers would never allow themselves to be distracted when driving, distracted driving does sometimes occur among such drivers and the results are sometimes incredibly disastrous.

The possibility has been raised that distracted driving may have been a part of a tragic 18-wheeler accident that recently occurred in Oklahoma.

On Sept. 26 in Murray County, an 18-wheeler was going north along Interstate 35 and a bus was going south along this freeway. A college women's softball team was aboard the bus.

According to authorities, the 18-wheeler then went across the interstate's median, entered the interstate's southbound side and crashed into the bus.

The accident proved fatal for four of the bus' occupants. Additionally, 12 other occupants of the bus were injured in the collision.

According to authorities, investigators have been told by the 18-wheeler's driver that he was distracted at the time of the crash. Authorities further say that, thus far, there has been no evidence indicating any braking by the 18-wheeler in the moments leading up to the accident.

The investigation into the crash continues, and it is thought that it could go on for months. One wonders if distracted driving will ultimately be found to have played a contributing role in the accident.

Source: Bloomberg, " Driver in Fatal Oklahoma Crash Tells Police He Was Distracted ," Darrell Preston, Sept. 29, 2014

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