What safety steps can pedestrians take?

Pedestrians can find their life forever changed by a motor vehicle accident. The injuries pedestrians can suffer in traffic crashes can be incredibly severe in nature. Paralysis, limb losses, severe brain injuries and extensive internal injuries are some examples of the damage that auto accidents can do to pedestrians.

Thus, a question many pedestrians likely have is: what can I do to make my walks safer and to lower the risk of being involved in a traffic accident? Today, we will go over some safety steps that the CDC has recommended for pedestrians.

One way for a pedestrian to reduce the odds of ending up in a traffic accident is to be on the actual roads as little as possible. In many areas, sidewalks provide pedestrians with a safe alternative to walking on the roads. Thus, sticking to sidewalks when available can be an incredibly advisable thing for pedestrians.

Of course, some instances may arise in which a pedestrian ends up having to walk on the roads due to a lack of sidewalks or other safe alternatives in the area they are walking. When this occurs, the best practice is generally to walk along the side of the road that would have you facing the traffic nearest to you. This way, you can see traffic that is approaching and react appropriately.

Night is a time when pedestrians can be particularly at risk of falling victim to a motor vehicle accident. This is in part due to the fact that, at night, it can be much more difficult for drivers to see pedestrians. Thus, when walking at night, it can be important for pedestrians to take steps to make themselves more visible to drivers. This includes things like wearing clothing that is retro-reflective and using a flashlight.

One particularly precarious time for the safety of a pedestrian is when they are crossing a road. The purpose of designated crosswalks is to make such crossings safer. So, it can be a good idea for pedestrians to limit their road crossings to designated crosswalks if it is possible.

Unfortunately, just because a pedestrian is acting safely doesn't mean the drivers around them will also act in a safe manner. Thus, it is possible for even the safest pedestrian to fall victim to a pedestrian accident. Attorneys can go over available legal options with pedestrians who have been hurt by driver negligence.

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