Truck crashes: quick events with long-lasting potential effects

It can take only seconds for an 18-wheeler accident to occur. A glitch in any one of a truck's many mechanical systems or a moment of inattentiveness, carelessness or extreme sleepiness from a truck driver can lead to a truck careening into other vehicles.

For an event that can happen in an instant, truck accidents can sure have long-lasting consequences. Limb losses, internal damage and injuries to the head, back, spine or neck are some examples of the injuries truck accidents can cause to victims. Some of the things such injuries can result in include:

  • Impairment of a person's physical or mental abilities.
  • Long hospital stays.
  • Large amounts of rehab.
  • Significant amounts of missed time from work.
  • Mountains of medical bills.

Such things and their impacts can stick with a person for quite awhile. Thus, following a truck accident, victims can have quite a bit on their plate. Consequently, if you have been in a truck accident, it is pretty easy to feel overwhelmed. In such circumstances, you may be tempted to not really give legal matters much thought.

However, looking into legal options following a truck accident can actually be quite important. Depending on what caused the crash to occur, there may be avenues for seeking compensation from parties such as the involved truck driver, the involved truck company or truck part manufacturers. Compensation-seeking efforts, if successful, may be able to help with the many costs that can come up in relation to a truck accident. Talking with an attorney may be able to help you get a better picture of what your specific legal situation is. 

Our firm strives to provide truck accident victims with the legal help and support they need following a crash. We understand how stressful and overwhelming the aftermath of a truck accident can be and put a high priority on providing caring, attentive, accommodating and high-quality representation.  

If you would like more information on our firm or 18-wheeler crashes, visit our Oklahoma truck accidents page.

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