Signs of potential daycare abuse in Oklahoma

Parents in Oklahoma should be well-aware of the indications of daycare abuse to protect their children and their peace of mind.

Parents entrust the well-being of their children to Oklahoma daycare employees who tend to a child's educational, emotional and mental needs, but sometimes that trust is broken when an employee abuses the child emotionally, physically or even sexually. Because many are hesitant to accuse another of any type of abuse, it is best to be able to recognize the signs that a child could be a victim of abuse while in daycare.

Understand the more common signs

Some of the more prevalent indications of child abuse include the following:

● Shifts in toilet-training tendencies

● Severe mood swings or behavioral changes

● Unusual behavioral problems

● Unexplainable aggression, rebelliousness or an acting out of emotions

● Trouble sleeping, having nightmares or an unusual unwillingness to go to bed

While the above might not be solid confirmations a child is being abused, they are a good place to start with understanding the reasons behind the child's odd behavior.

It might be emotional abuse

Besides physical abuse, a child might also be emotionally abused while in daycare, which is not always as easy to spot as physical abuse. If a child is being emotionally abused, she or he might come across as withdrawn from reality or what is going on around her or him. A child might also display emotional reactions out of the norm, such as not reacting to physical pain, showing an uncaring attitude about the well-being of others and ambivalence about major changes in life. Other potential signs of emotional abuse consist of being fearful of specific people for no discernible reason and self-harm.

Caregivers are not properly screened

Parents should always make sure they choose a daycare that fully and carefully screens caregivers before hiring them. Such background checks can go a long way in determining whether an employee has a criminal history of physical or emotional abuse. In addition to caregivers, parents should be sure to inquire about any other daycare staff members who might interact with their child. Such extensive screening may seem extreme, but going the extra mile can better help to protect a child and a parent's peace of mind.

The child says or indicates something might be going on

Just like with elderly individuals in nursing homes, children will sometimes outright tell some they are being abused. Sometimes such reports are the result of a misunderstanding, and other times they are legitimate. Parents should be sure to let their children know they can come to them about anything, no matter how embarrassing it might be.

Daycare abuse in Oklahoma is something that should always be taken seriously. Parents who think their son or daughter is being abused should sit down with a lawyer to discuss their options.