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Spasticity is something that can be devastating

There are many ways that spinal cord injuries can impact your life. One way that this might occur is that you might suffer from spasticity. This is a painful condition that can be difficult to live with.

Spasticity can lead to involuntary muscle movements, including spasms. These can be very painful. The condition is caused by damage to specific areas of the spinal cord that convey voluntary movement messages.

There are a host of treatments for spasticity. It might be difficult to find a treatment plan that will work for this condition. Oftentimes, a combination of medications and physical therapy are necessary to help control the condition.

The severity of the spasticity is one of the factors that might impact how it is treated. Severe cases might need to be considered for a refillable pump that is surgically implanted. The pump has a reservoir that can hold medication to help treat the condition.

Learning to live with spasticity is something that isn't very easy. In fact, people who are having to deal with this might find that it greatly impacts their quality of life. It might make it impossible to be able to work even if the person is otherwise able to work.

In some instances, seeking compensation after an accident that leads to a spinal cord injury is possible. When you are facing a lifetime of life changes, compensation could help you to obtain the things that you need to live as full of a life as possible. Make sure that you understand your rights in this regard so you can plan accordingly.

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