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Signs of injuries might show up after a car crash

Being involved in a car wreck can produce injuries that are readily apparent right away, but that isn't always the case. There are some accident injuries that might not show up until days after the accident.

For anyone who has been involved in an accident, the delayed symptoms can be rather troublesome. You might have thought that you escaped the accident unscathed only to find out that you actually do need medical care. Here are a few of the delayed symptoms you might experience.

Neck and shoulder pain

Pain in the neck and shoulder area can signal whiplash, which is commonly associated with a rear-end crash. It could also mean that you suffered from a pulled or strained muscle in the area.


A headache that comes on after the crash could mean that you suffered a concussion. This could also be a sign of something much more serious, such as bleeding on the brain. You should always seek medical care if you have a headache that comes on within a few weeks of the crash.

Abdominal pain

Severe abdominal pain after a car crash can be a sign of something minor, such as a pulled stomach muscle. It can also be something as serious as internal bleeding. This type of pain will usually require diagnostic testing to determine the cause.

Flashbacks and anxiety

You can suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder after a car crash. Having flashbacks of the accident is one sign of this. Another sign is feeling anxious when you have to get in a vehicle to go anywhere.

Make sure that you pay close attention to your body after the accident. Even when problems manifest later, you should still be prepared to handle them. Ultimately, you might opt to seek compensation for the crash.

Source: KTAR, "7 delayed injury symptoms after a car crash," Dr. Alex Bigham, accessed June 13, 2017

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