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What is brain injury?

When a loved one has suffered a brain injury, it is always traumatic. One day everything is normal and the next, after an accident or a slip-and-fall, your loved one can't function as he or she used to. Being aware of the warning signs are and when you need to get a medical team involved.

One myth is that the person injured must have gone unconscious after the accident in order for a brain injury to be present. This is not true. Also, if the person doesn't have a skull fracture or any cuts or broken bones, brain injury can still be present.

Some of the leading signs are as follows:

-- Headaches-- Memory problems-- Concentration issues-- Personality changes-- Difficulty organizing daily tasks

These are just a few. The person could lose his or her job and not be able to get gainful employment after this accident because of these few problems alone. If you feel that you have someone in your life who suffers these and other symptoms, you may want to talk to a doctor first and an attorney second. There may be recourse for lost wages and medical bills that your loved one is entitled to.

Emotions can be changed as well. Is this person more irritable and does he or she become angry faster than they used to? These are all signs of brain injury. Emotional problems may be a direct result of nerve damage suffered as a result of an accident. The person isn't crazy, just injured.

Doing your research is a good thing. Knowing that there is recourse is also important. Finding out for sure what is going on in your loved one's head can enable you and this person to understand why things are different now and will allow you to help him or her more effectively.

Source: FindLaw, "Traumatic brain injury," accessed Aug. 18, 2015

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