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Truck accidents result in fatalities all too often

Truck accidents occur too often. When it comes to bicycle riders and pedestrians the numbers are high, especially in big cities. For instance, one experienced biker was in a designated bike lane last year and got literally sucked under the wheel of an 18-wheeler. It is so tragic and awful to lose a loved one due to the careless driving of a trucker, but it happens all too often.

While 18-wheelers, box trucks, garbage trucks and dump trucks make up a fraction of the vehicles on the roadways, they are involved in a great number of accidents that kill bicycle riders and pedestrians.

The rise of e-commerce is bringing large trucks into urban areas for delivery of goods and this will make the kill-rate of bikers and pedestrians go even higher.

There are reforms that could make a big difference: having big trucks retrofitted with side guards. This is simply a panel or set of metal bars running between the two sets of wheels. This will keep bicyclists and walkers from being sucked under the truck and will keep them on the outside of the truck.

They may end up in the hospital in this case but it may save their life.

Sometimes, however, no matter what is done to trucks to keep us all safe, accidents happen. Truckers are encouraged to drive longer and they are often distracted by many things that get in the way of their driving the speed limit and in a manner we would call safe.

While side guard rails are a good idea, and they may save lives, the fact that you are still injured and your property damaged is still an issue.

Calling an experienced attorney to listen to your story and give you options can empower you to be an advocate for safe trucking.

Source: Investigate West, " With Wary Eye on Big Trucks, Bike Riders Seek Safe Space on City Streets," Bridget Huber, July 01, 2015

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