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What are the most common driving distractions for truckers?

Truck drivers are supposed to have their attention fixed on driving when they are at the wheel of their truck. Staying focused on driving is a major way that truckers can help prevent truck accidents.  

Unfortunately, truck drivers sometimes allow distractions to enter into the picture when they drive. Terrible accidents involving multiple vehicles sometimes end up occurring as the result of a truck driver getting distracted

Skilled truck crash attorneys can help individuals injured in truck accidents figure out whether truck driver distraction, whether it be a common distraction or a more unusual one, was a factor in their accident. Such attorneys can also assist truck accident victims whose accident was caused by a truck driver getting distracted with pursuing appropriate legal action.

A recent study shed some light on what driving distractions are the most common among truckers., The study looked at in-cab videos taken of truck drivers between Jan. 1 and April 1 of this year to see what distracting behaviors the drivers engaged in. These videos were triggered by risky driving events. From the review of this footage, the study found that the three driving distractions that showed up most in the videos were:

  • At the No. 1 spot, using a hands-free phone.
  • At the No. 2 spot, using a hand-held phone.
  • At the No. 3 spot, eating food or driving a beverage.

Why do you think these three types of driving distractions are so common among truck drivers? What do you think would help get truck drivers to stop engaging in these distracting behaviors?

Source: Trucking News Online, "Hold That Call! Truck Driver Phone Distractions Increasing on the Road," Steve Mitchell, May 29, 2015

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