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What body systems can a spinal cord injury affect?

As it is widely known, spinal cord injuries sometimes cause a person's limbs to become paralyzed. This obviously can cause quite a lot of loss of functional ability in a person and can be very life-altering. And limb paralysis is just one of things spinal cord injuries can result in a person suffering. Many of a person's other body systems can be negatively impacted by a spine injury.

For example, circulatory system problems sometimes come out of such injuries. Spine-injury-caused circulatory system troubles could increase a person's risk of suffering blood pressure problems or blood clots.

Spinal injuries can also have some serious effects on a person's waste control systems. For example, such injuries sometimes cause a person to have problems when it comes to bowel and bladder control.

The respiratory system is another system a spinal cord injury can wreak havoc on. Breathing problems, increased pneumonia risk and increase risk of other lung problems are among the respiratory difficulties spinal cord injury victims sometimes face.

Some other health problems that can derive from spinal cord injuries include: sexual system problems, skin sensation losses, muscle issues, mental health problems (like depression) and physical pain.

Sometimes, a spinal cord injury victim is able to bring a personal injury case over their injury. In personal injury cases related to spinal cord injuries, it can be very important to accurately show what specific effects the injury has had. Given the many ways that a spinal injury can impact a person, getting what one needs to make an accurate showing of a spine injury's effects can sometimes be a very involved and effort-intensive process. Attorneys can assist spinal cord injury victims with gathering evidence regarding the impacts of the damage their spine has suffered.   

Source: Mayo Clinic, "Spinal cord injury - Complications," Accessed March 2, 2015

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