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What is the difference between an open and a closed head injury?

Sometimes, individuals suffer head injuries in car accidents. Head injuries can come in all different kinds of varieties. These various types of injuries generally fall into one of two broad classes of head injuries. These two classes are: open head injuries and closed head injuries. We will now go over what makes these two head injury classes different from each other.

Open head injuries are injuries in which an object strikes a person's head and ends up breaking the skull and penetrating into the person's brain. These injuries are also sometimes called penetrating head injuries.

Closed head injuries also involve an impact between a person's head and an object, but in these injuries, the skull is not broken by the object.

Thus, whether or not the skull gets broken through dictates whether a head injury is closed or open.

Now, just because an impact between a person's head and an object doesn't result in the skull getting penetrated doesn't mean the impact can't cause significant damage to a person's brain. Brain bruising, bleeding in the brain, the brain getting shaken and the brain hitting the skull are among the things a closed head injury can cause.

Thus, both closed head injuries and open head injuries can be quite harmful.

Consequently, when a car accident causes a person to suffer a head injury, whether it be a closed injury or an open injury, the victim may be exposed to all sorts of negative effects. Attorneys can help traffic accident victims who suffered head injuries look into whether there are any legal actions that they could take that could potentially yield compensation for their head injury.

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