Testimonials Provided by Current Fred Boettcher Law Group Clients:

Testimonials Provided by Current Fred Boettcher Law Group Clients:

  • Hey again,

    When I got off the phone with you Bill ask me if everything was ok with you and Fred. We talked a little about Fred's surgery and his energizer bunny routine and one day he will actually decide it is time to retire. Then he asked me what will you do if he retires anytime soon? I reminded him that Brad would still be there and more importantly you. He knows how much work you do on a daily basis and also in the prep work for the trials, so he asked "Sandi isn't leaving is she?" I told him you hoped to work at least 20 more years. That's when I realized it would be you leaving that would totally be devastating to me and wanted to tell you that. Of course I would be very sad if Fred one day retired before my case is settled, but he (like he says) is not only a friend, but family to me and I want only the best for him. He has given me 100% and I could never ask for more! You keep the wheels oiled on my case and I appreciate it so much, as you know. It is truly amazing to sit in the witness chair in court and watch Fred deliver his case that you have so adequately prepared for him. There are not enough words in the English language to describe how deeply I appreciate you Sandi! Remember I have seen the "worst" and I know the very best when I see it.

    Thanks and have a really nice weekend,


  • Thank you so much for your services, everyone was so nice to me. I appreciate your business. I love you all.

-- Jhonda

  • The Boettcher Law Firm was very efficient and client oriented. They showed compassion and care while helping me through my times of trouble. Again, thanks!


  • Brad at The Fred Boettcher law group was amazing! So different from all the others. All the lawyers and staff are very personable, friendly and truly caring. They didn't make me feel like a number. They made me feel like family. I am so appreciative for all the hard work they put into my case and the great results they got for me. Overall, I am very satisfied. I recommend their services to everyone!


  • I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. Mr. Wicker and his staff are very professional and caring people. I believe my case was handled in a timely manner and with great results.


  • I have been acquainted with the Fred Boettcher Law Group, for some time. When I was hurt in a car wreck, I called this firm. I live 200 miles from Ponca City. However, the distance made no difference. This firm is the best I have ever seen! Personal, caring, compassionate and concerned. They worked with me almost daily. They were exceptional. I could not have been more thankful or appreciative. They were wonderful! If you need a lawyer, don't hesitate to call the Fred Boettcher Law Group.


  • After being wrongfully dropped from my full time position, a friend recommended Brad Wicker at Boettcher Law Firm. His representation was phenomenal! He went above and beyond anything I imagined. The staff is always cheerful and friendly. Needless to say, he won my unemployment case. I recommend him to anyone. Thanks again Brad.


  • I recently contacted Brad Wicker and his office at Fred Boettcher Law to appeal a decision by the OESC to deny me benefits. Brad jumped right in to explain the process to me and understand my separation situation. He did an amazing job representing me for the hearing, and he won the appeal. Much thanks to him and the ladies in the office for making this experience a good one.


  • I was released from my job and denied my unemployment, by my former boss, which I felt was by design of his. By pure chance, I happened to call Mr. Brad Wicker. He immediately stepped up to help me and with only a couple of days to prepare. He really went above and beyond the help I could have gotten anywhere else. He got my unemployment denial reversed. All I can say is "Thank-you" to him and all the caring people at the Fred Boettcher Law Group for their help in my time of need.

  • -- Michael

  • Brad was wonderful in the way that he 'fought' for my case in the mediation. I felt like he had my back and best interests in mind. He did a wonderful job in representing my case and fighting for me and I didn't have to worry about anything: I knew I was in good hands.
    ~ Dana

  • "Your law firm went above and beyond my expectations! My case was resolved in a short period of time. I am very satisfied! I could not have asked for a better team."
    ~ Monty

  • When I was terminated and my employer denied my unemployment benefits, I felt as if I had no one to turn to. My wife suggested I call Jessica at The Fred Boettcher Law Group. Jessica connected me with Brad Wicker. They were friendly, professional and helped me fight the denial of benefits. The denial was reversed!

    I highly recommend the Fred Boettcher Law Group any time an attorney is needed!
    ~ DY

  • I can't say enough good things about the whole Boettcher Law team. When my wife and I were at the most vulnerable and desperate point in our lives, Fred, Brad and Jessica stepped in to help. I was incapacitated, and my wife was trying to manage an onslaught of questions from insurance companies. As soon as Brad got involved, a huge burden was lifted off of our shoulders. The calls soon stopped and I was able to focus on recovery while my wife could focus on helping me recover. I'm glad we called the Boettcher Law team. They were truly a Godsend!
    ~ Ryle Lowe

  • I was in an auto accident with injury. The other person's insurance company wasn't cooperating and actually turned down my claim. Fred Boettcher Law Group & Brad Wicker went to bat for me. They got the other party to pay for my injuries. Thanks for your help though some troubling times. Very satisfied with the outcome.
    ~ Mike

  • My husband got hurt at work and is dealing with a workmans' compensation claim. Fred and Sandy have helped our family big time. They always look out for not only what's best for my husband but for our family. I highly recommend Fred to anyone dealing with a situation like this. He is an amazing attorney. Thanks Fred and Sandy for all you do!
    ~ Maurica

  • Brad Wicker represented me, when my car was rear-ended by a driver who was not paying enough attention to stop behind me. I did not have health insurance. Brad helped me get good medical ...care and a fair settlement for what I had to go through. The staff at The Fred Boettcher Law Group is courteous, friendly and timely. I am more than satisfied with the representation I received.
    ~ Linda

  • The Fred Boettcher Law Group did a fantastic and professional job on my workers' compensation case. The Boettcher Law Group was always so helpful and polite. Mr. Boettcher is such a caring and generous attorney. Thanks again for fighting for my legal rights. Fred, thank you for all your contributions you have made to the Ponca City community. You are the greatest.
    ~ Pam

  • I appreciate all that Sandi and everyone at Boettcher Law are willing to do to help me. I hope to bring Fred more business in the future through high praise. My husband has spoken... so highly of the help and professionalism of your firm, after he was struck by a negligent driver on his motorcycle.

    I have been working since the age 14 years old and have never needed or claimed workers compensation I would never have had to make a claim, if not truly hurt. My thanks is abundant, and I am hopeful all will be well after all.
    ~ Sharon

  • Brad and his assistant, Jessica, at The Fred Boettcher Law Group, worked very hard on my auto accident case. After asking some of these other law groups that advertise all over the ...TV's, to take my case (they all declined) Brad took my case. It's been 3 long years but was settled for a nice amount. Just because they spend thousands advertising on TV don't mean they are for you. Look for this FIRM to work for you.
    ~ Ron

  • The Fred Boettcher Law Group has helped me with my workers' compensation case. I couldn't have done it by myself. Sandy and Fred have done a good job! Thanks!
    ~ Josh

  • Brad and his assistant, Jessica, at The Fred Boettcher Law Group, worked very hard on my auto accident case. We found out that the other driver had only minimum insurance, and it would not cover all of my doctor and surgery bills. Within 5 months, Brad and his staff had all of the doctor bills taken care of. There was, also, enough money to replace my vehicle that was totaled and a little to reimburse me for what I had been though. Brad helped my son, Dakota, as well.

    On behalf of my family, I would like to thank Brad and Jessica for all of their hard work and patience, with all of the ups and downs. They helped me keep my emotions and morale up. Like I said, there is not enough "Thank You" in the world to show how much Brad and Jessica are appreciated by my family.
    ~ Allan

  • Fred and the staff at The Fred Boettcher Law Group are the best! They are the best, very direct and up to date. Sandi and Tracy rock!!
    ~ Kenny

  • "I was in a car wreck, which broke my hand and totaled my car. I could not get a doctor to see me, without payment up front. The other insurance company would not provide a rental... car, while my car was being repaired. I had no way to pay for either of these.

    So, I called the Fred Boettcher Law Group and met with Brad Wicker. He helped me get in to see a doctor and get a rental car right away. Brad and his staff were very friendly and available to answer any questions I had. They were able to settle my case, get all of my medical bills taken care of and pay me back for what I went through.

    I recommend them to anyone who is in a car wreck!"
    ~ Shirley