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Attorneys Handling Bicycle Accident Claims

After a bicycle accident, you could be facing numerous challenges. With medical bills, lost wages and the physical pain and suffering that come from a serious accident, it is important to contact a lawyer you can trust to walk you through your case and fight for your right to full and fair compensation.

At Fred Boettcher Law Group, our bicycle accident attorneys bring decades of experience and dedication to a range of accident claims in Ponca City, Bartlesville and other areas in northern Oklahoma and throughout the state. We take an approach to bike accident claims that emphasizes client communication and strong advocacy.

We handle bike accident cases involving:

  • Automobiles and bicycles: It is obvious that an automobile like a car or a truck hitting a bicycle is most likely going to result in injuries that are catastrophic, even fatal.
  • Two bikes colliding: When two bikes collide, the resulting injuries can be just as extreme as they are when a motor vehicle hits a bicyclist.
  • Single-bicycle accidents: We can represent you if you have been in a single bicyclist crash resulting from a defective bike, pedestrians getting in the way or other forms of negligence.

It is important to seek medical attention immediately after a bicycle accident, even if you don't feel hurt right away. Many injuries, like traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, are not easily detected right away. Talk with an attorney from our firm first, if possible. What you say to the doctor could be used by the insurance company to minimize or deny an accident insurance claim. We can help you protect your rights and make sure you obtain the full compensation award you deserve.

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Our fees for accident claims are determined by a percentage of the compensation awards we win for our clients, so you will not have any attorney fees until we are successful in your case. Call us at 580-789-4936 (800-521-7428 toll free) for a free consultation to discuss your case, or contact us online.